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Ghostbusters 👻

Ghostbusters 👻

It’s spoooooooooky time and Sigourney Weaver month so of course we’re doing Ghostbusters! (the 1984 original and the 2016 reboot)

Show Notes:

the science behind Ghostbusters


Hagfish slime

Bio electricity in hearts

Electric Eels

Discrediting Scientists

Ignaz Semmelweis

Harry Potter and the Poisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the Poisoner of Azkaban

We are headed back to Hogwarts to talk about Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban with Hippogriffs and werewolves-and also totally nerd out about Flobberworms for most of the episode.

As we discussed in our previous Harry Potter episodes, if you are uncomfortable with discussing Harry Potter right now please feel free to skip this episode and come back in two weeks with a much less controversial episode. You can see the notes or listen to our Chamber of Secrets episode for more of a discussion on our feelings and why we continue to discuss this series.

Show Notes:

Willow Trees

Whomping Willow




Batman Returns

Batman Returns

We are back with Batman Returns – talking all things cats🐈‍⬛ and penguins🐧 and basically ignoring bats all together. 🦇

Show Notes:

Why do cats have 9 lives?

Cats being randomly destructive

Behind the scenes with the penguins

Penguins are super parents



We are talking all about bats this episode with the YA novel, Silverwing by Kenneth Oppel

Show Notes:

Silver haired Bat

Eastern Red Bat

Greater False Vampire Bat

Bat Evolution

Bat Reproduction

White Nose Syndrome

Bat Conservation International is a great organization helping bats worldwide